Okay. First let me admit that I am biased. I am a anarchist. I own a black flag, I read the writings of Emma Goldman and Noam Chomsky. Yeah, roll your eyes. I’m used to it. That is not the point of this node.

No, I would like to talk about the use of the word anarchist in some of the recent reporting on the protests in Quebec. In almost every popular media article I read I find the phrase “gangs of anarchists smashed shop windows and set fires” what I’d like to know is how they knew these hooligans were anarchists? It in all honesty, it doesn't sound like a very anarchist thing to do. Are they anarchists simply because they are violent? The philosophy of anarchism is about finding a road to world peace and freedom. And last off, why would anarchists be protesting reductions in tariff laws, anyway? Combined with free emigration the elimination of tariffs is part of the party platform! (It is important to note that free trade without free emigration/immigration poses a serious threat to workers since companies are able to distribute their power but the individual is not . . but I digress)

Do the people at cnn.com even know what an anarchist is? Will I have to find some other name to call this political movement I’m a part of just to avoid these negative associations? Dose anyone really even care?