Uberchai is a mixed drink made from chai and Irish cream. I prefer High desert brand chai. I suggest using a water based mix chai because it has some dehydrated milk in it and that mixed with the water used to make the chai will make it so that when one adds the Irish cream the drink doesn't become too milky sweet*. Also because it's cheap enough to make a night of drinking out of. In it's defense however it is good enough to drink on it's own, I actually rather enjoy this brand even without liquor. In any event here is how to make one.

1 Cup chai 1 shot of Irish cream to taste

The problem with giving the amounts for this recipe is that depending on the strength of the chai one uses one will need more or less Irish cream. Ideally this drink will have the strong taste of chai though slightly sweeter due to the presence of the cream, but not enough Irish cream that the alcohol taste is apparent.

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*Course if one likes heavily creamed drinks then by all means use milk.