Today is July 4th, the birth of my nation. The date which most people use as an excuse to get roaringly drunk and shoot off fireworks. Despite my best efforts i was unable to locate a party to attend. It has become very clear to me that my social life is a terrible joke. I've purchased no fireworks for today. I had a couple bagels for dinner. Everyone else has something to do, somewhere to be. I must be more of a curmudgeon than i thought. Funny that when I'm drunk I'm about the nicest person in the world.

Fireworks of various sizes are erupting around my city. I like to pretend that I'm in the middle of a battle. I imagine that if i was in a war i would have a cause to believe in. Something to fight for and the means to do so. So join the military people tell me. I've had my experience with the marine corps, and I don't want any of that B.S. That and the fact that I in no way believe in the war, that is as we speak , occurring.

So, no offense E2, tonight you are my party. My not drunk, not zonked, no saucy ladies party.


The date on E2 may be the 5th, but it's still the 4th here.