Thats an excellent point, WolfDaddy. I just hope that its not lost on the people who need to understand it.

It is very unfortunate that it is the conservative and right-wing agenda to villify all people who would disagree with them idealogically. This was seen with the wild witchhunt of McCarthyism, it was seen with 'state's rights', and it appears to be evident today with the rampant homophobia evidenced by some conservatives. They believe that every idea that is contrary to their own, every belief, every lifestyle, every single difference between them and the rest of the whole wide world, must have been placed by some sort of evil, brainwashing, recruiter. It is an impossible scenario that a sane person, under his or her own means could possibly end up *gasp* gay. This irrational behavior of labeling hatred and fear as something else makes me sick, reminds me that history repeats itself and it looks bad. It not only reflects poorly on a person, but on their their entire orginization.

I'm not gay, but as anyone who knows me may have guessed, I'm far from straight. I am, however an atheist, a vegetarian, and a crazy ideological teenager who still thinks that clear, free, rational thinking can save the world.. I became athiestic on my own, at a young age, and I actually thought that everyone else was too. They were just playing along in temple and at sunday school. I only learned later that they wern't. That little gem wasn't placed in my mind by the devil worshiping atheistic recruiter, and neither was my evil vegetarianism.

I too, have missed the recruiter.

It's too bad, I'd like to meet him.

I want to be a recruiter.