I've been neglecting my daylogs.

Not because I've not had anything to write - the exercise program is going very well (I've just finished a lower body work out and I'm exhausted :-).

I guess nothing new has been happening, so I've avoided being unnecessarily repetetive. I guess, also, because I've not been noding generally, I've had less urge to throw in daylogs just for the heck of it.

In fact, I wrote two new nodes yesterday - port 6667 and web-based irc client - my first in ages. (I'd like people to contribute to the latter... ;-). However, I still have a mental block over finishing Methods and Standards because I want to un-namespace it but I don't want to spend time doing that before it's finished but I don't want to make more nodes that need un-namespacing... etc... sigh....

Maybe I'll n4n Hawkwind's albums and personnel... or maybe not... (Bugger, Lord Brawl's done it so poorly (i.e. not hardlinked the album titles) I almosts feel motivated!)