Bah and humbug. Whilst I've finally noded again, it was more or less c'n'p'd. I have so much to node on both Methods and Standards and DOM, knocking off the occasional time-consuming w/u like that one is just an avoidance tactic.

(Sad fact: I like marking up text. I think that's why I enjoy contributing other people's stuff to the E2 database. It's an excuse to tag. It's a lot easier than programming but allows some of the same expression of form (as opposed to content). My artistic (in the traditional sense) abilities are fairly limitted but I do get a creative buzz from coding. That's why I like midi, too, I guess.)

It's now less than a month before our loft conversion begins. We've done as much preparation as we can. We didn't get the kitchen moved (still living from two microwaves and a plug-in pair of electric hotplates). Not that this is particularly restrictive - you just can't make a decent fried egg.

Part of the preparation was getting modem and file sharing working for our home network. Yesterday we finally gave up on a separate server. Sadly, we couldn't get Linux file sharing working reliably on the "spare" machine (and I couldn't find a USB ACM modem in the UK) so we're back to peer-to-peer. When I get my new machine (post-loft), the machine I'm using now might be up to the job.

Oh, I'm now MBCS. Maybe E2 should support post-nominal embellishments..?