One week to go till our loft conversion starts. The scaffolders are booked for Monday and the crane (for the steels) for Wednesday. That's one week later than originally planned. One of my outstanding jobs beforehand was to fit a gutter to the breakfast room (new kitchen) bay window. So it's a good thing there was a delay.

Although, in the event, it only took about three or four hours to do - from setting off to buy the parts to completing the job. (Well, nearly complete - there's a couple of temporary bits that'll be there until we do the new kitchen.) I could have done it on Sunday.

I have to say, it looks very smart. I still feel like a DIY novice but seeing the results of simple jobs like this is really encouraging. And knowing that it's protecting my investment (i.e. the house!) is good, too. Just have to wait for some rain, now. (It's always the way; you want some and it's never there, need a dry day and you get a month's downfall in three hours...)

We're also finishing off the "before" photos. Again, the joy of getting a digital camera - it's so easy to see how far we'd got. We recently upgraded the 16M Compact Flash card to 64M - which makes things even easier when shooting at 3.1Mpixel. Fewer trips to the computer to drag'n'drop the pictures across. (Of course, it's a little late for the before pictures. We've done one room already and started others.)