As expected, around 8.15am, the local plumbers' merchant turned up with the requested supplies this morning. However, as no one working on the site was around, I helped take everything upstairs.

We thought that was going to it for the day. However, at about 9.30am the plumber (and his mate) turned up. They were quite happy to open up the roof for access and set about working on the basics, such as running the pipes, making holes in our wall and fixing up the soilpipe. Whilst they made quite a lot of noise - they were working on the other side of the wall directly in front of me! - they weren't particularly communicative. In fact, at 3.30pm when we went to offer more tea or coffee, they'd cleared off! We hadn't even noticed them tidying up.

We checked with the office of the loft firm whether anyone would be working this weekend and were told, thankfully, that there wouldn't be. We're expecting a replacement toilet pan on Monday morning but then nothing until Martin returns on Wednesday or - more likely - Friday.