Today is the first day of our loft conversion. This daylog will be updated to track progress as and when I have time/am online. We're expecting the job to take six weeks. The working pattern is 10 days on, 4 days off. Not sure of the hours, yet.

Today is scaffolding day. This work is subcontracted.

The alarm clock shatters our slumber. I get up and make tea, wondering why we need to be awake.
Well, it's still dark. A second cup of tea didn't sort that out. We're not expecting the excitement to begin for another hour, yet. I've no idea where the scaffolders will park...
They arrived at about 8.15am and - following a cup of tea - have been erecting scaffold for about one and a half hours. Their lorry is blocking our road. No worries there, then! It's not too much of a problem - there are local alternatives (i.e. a few yards more). They did have to move once to let a resident get their car out, though.

A house a few doors away had scaffolding being put up last week. Their team were really noisy, with the lead scaffolder 'singing' instructions to his team. Our lot just seem to get on with it.

Now it's gone very quiet. We reckon they've gone to Burger King for breakfast.

The came back after an hour, about 10.45am, and worked through till 12.15pm. One of them got hit in the eye by a scaffold pole so they had a cup of tea. They've completed the back (a small platform) and side (narrow) and are working on the front. This appears to be more substantial!
They're still at it. Everything echoes. The side of our house is like the skin of a drum and the scaffold poles are being weilded by Keith Moon! Their breakfast obviously was more of a brunch.
They've finished. They took 15 minutes to clear the road.
Well, that's it for today. Tomorrow starts around 8-9am.

While they were erecting the scaffolding, my wife commented that it felt like being cocooned. It's strangely appropriate - the house feels wrapped in steel. From the outside, it looks perfectly normal - so many houses have scaffolding up, I guess -- so many people speculating to accumulate...