At 23:00 last night the doorbell rang. We were sitting upstairs having a beer but it's still a strange time for someone to ring at the door. We looked out from the upstairs window.

It was our neighbours. They'd found one of the pillars of our wall lying across the pavement and were letting us know about it before putting it in our front garden out of the way.

So, today, we'll be taking the rest of the wall down. It was obviously unstable when we moved in. But given we had expected to have the builders in almost straight away, we didn't do anything about it. Now, a year later, it's started taking itself down! Oh well - it's something to do :-)

Two hours later and we've tidied the rubble up. One half of the wall seemed quite stable, so we've left that, along with the lowest course of blocks on the other half, standing.

I'm on holiday for the next two weeks (as I mentioned yesterday). We've decided to start the rewiring. It's a reasonably straightforward task to plan but needs some delicate investigations. I rewired our previous house (*grin* and got a certificate (of safety)), so I'm hoping I can remember how to do it. Hmmm, ring main... yes...

The plan is to start with the front bedroom, then move the boxes from the back bedroom to the front. Then rewire the back bedroom and move the beds into there from the middle bedroom. Then do the middle bedroom and anywhere else upstairs that needs doing.