Okay, not day logged for ages - mostly because nothing interesting has happened! (I could node about my paid work but it's depressing.)

So, what's exciting today?

Well, it started a few days ago, really. My wife's had some digestive problems which have meant she's off her food. She's taking the opportunity to lose weight. She's now lost enough she feels she can exercise.

A few days ago we ordered some new gym equipment. Today, the "Adjustable Tummy Trimmer" arrived. A basic padded bench for ab exercises. It's a lot easier than doing sits on the floor and more flexible, too.

It's "foldable". Two wing nuts secure the legs. In theory. The front leg is just okay. However, the back leg's machining leaves something to be desired. We think the leg's slightly too long. As the thing is a previous return, we're going to hack the leg back a milimetre or so to see if that sorts it.

(In detail, the bolt that the rear wing nut secures passes through holes drilled in plates attached to the rear leg and also through the base support. The holes themselves are fine, but the alignment when the leg is open is off fractionally.)

So, this is my first exercise day log. I did one sit. Uff. (It's uphill, unlike the floor.) I didn't think I was that unfit. Oh well. Plenty of room for progress.

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