Normally I wouldn't post a trivial day log. Nor bring quite so much RL into my online persona. But hey, trauma makes good copy.


My god that hurt.

I was lifting floorboards. As you may know, this means punching through the existing nails so the board is freed. Everything was going well, but I was starting to feel hungry and tired. I only had one more board to go, though, so I decided to finish the job then have lunch.

Those of a nervous disposition might like to stop reading now...

I don't know what happened - other than I missed the punch with the hammer.


Hammer and punch were dropped (I don't remember this) as instinct dragged me to the sink. Cold tap (we only have cold water). Thumb. Numb. (No, it's hurting. It's still hurting...)

I looked.

I could see it was only a minor abrasion... Why did it hurt so much?!!!!!!??!!!

Keep the water running...

It wasn't bleeding much (some, not much - just a flesh wound). My hands were filthy, though. And my thumb was numb at last. Instinct cut out.

Muddled logic cut in.

Okay, warm water to clean up and plaster to keep the germs out. We don't have warm water. Oh yes we do - electric shower!

Muddled logic dragged me upstairs. I wrapped my dripping thumb in kitchen towel and grabbed a box of plasters on the way. (I was feeling quite odd, now I recall events.) I managed to turn the shower on before a wave of nausea hit. I staggered to the stairs and sat, head down, trying to relax. I started shivvering (I'd been hot, it was cold - rapid drop in body temperature plus shock - lovely).

I was cross with myself. Why had I been so stupid... I get clumsy when I'm hungry and tired. I only injure myself when I'm hungry and tired.

After a while (and my wife coming back from shopping - relief), I dragged myself to bed, to lie down and get warm.

She tempted me downstairs (some time later) with a chocolate doughnut and a caramel egg. :-)

It was still agony but I could tell the wound was healing. It was sore. It gave me stabs of pain if I tensed. The cut was oozing clear fluid.

After it had stopped oozing (sorry, my sense of passing time hadn't returned), my wife put a plaster on incredibly carefully. Amazing. She's a hero and my favourite person ever.

Now I'm stuck typing with only nine digits (yes, I really usually use all ten). And it doesn't hurt. And I want to take the plaster off.

I've spoken to the hammer and punch and they're okay about it. But I don't think I'm up to punching any more nails for a little while...

Uh, why hasn't anyone created a Document Object Model node? Could this explain why DHTML is failing to gain mindshare? Now, I thought W3C had an official DOM that people could implement. Am I wrong?

It's stopped hurting