My "weekend off" turned into a "dismantle the existing kitchen". Well, I got a lie in till 9am for a change. And ripping out disgustingly dirty kitchen units is quite theraputic, in a way.

I also did a lot of the filling we always put off. I do things like that as stress relief, anyway, so I quite enjoyed it. (Sad case...)

The old kitchen has been reassembled. The fridge is back. The drier is where we ripped out the old (dirty, dirty, dirty) oven and hob, right next to the washing machine. We'll be cooking on combi microwave and freestanding hot plates for some time, I guess, as we're not installing the new kitchen until after the loft conversion (at least, that's the current plan).

I spent the rest of the day reading about docbook and installing the XML DTD and XSL stylesheet. I've been thinking about using docbook for a while. With the DTD and stylesheet, I now have everything I need. (I like editing my mark-up by hand. Heck, I hack MS-RTF files by hand when MS-Word screws the dot-doc file up.) What am I going to use it for? Who knows.

What should I have been doing? Well, I promised you lot I'd get some document object model docs up... But it's all so demoralising - I can't find out who supports what version of which object model! (I'm hoping if I leave enough deadlinks pointing to document object model, I'll cave in and node it eventually...)