Ugh, nearly 8am... The alarm went at 0630 today. Okay, we went to bed early last night but my body clock still objects.

The gas fitters are coming back shortly. We were quoted two or three days for the installation. We thought it would be three. The fitters think three. Quite why the salesman thought it might be two, we'll never know. This will be Day 2. Hopefully all the main plumbing work will be completed, leaving only commissioning tomorrow.

If you're all really lucky, I'll let you know.


Later (gone 6pm now)... Well, the fitter have left. Today was a bit of a nightmare. The plumber of the two (the other was installing the boiler) really didn't understand where we wanted the pipework run. sigh And it's all taking much longer than we expected, today.

They expect to be with us all day tomorrow (and, given their efforts today, I won't be able to do any teleworking). Ah well.

E2 Project for the week: Node up Cascading Style Sheets in full.

Oh dear, I appear to have meant it. CSS1 is underway...