The Fast and the Furious are to rice burners as Top Gun was to naval aviation.

It's an extremely good movie, but things are taken to the extreme and made for entertainment. It's actually the best race movie, IMO, because Driven and Gone in 60 Seconds are just so stupid.

This movie is about how an undercover cop poses as a street racer to bust an electronics-hijacking ring. It features a bunch of fast cars and Vin Diesel, who is probably the best actor in the film. Everything else is crap. If you're in this for the story, go away. The undercover cop falls in love with the little sister of the prime suspect. He and some other guys race around in their expensively modded cars... except no one seems to have a day job that can pay for the mods on the cars.

You want to watch this film for the cars and the tough character of Dominic Toretto. Unfortunately, he does deliver the cheesiest lines in the film, "I live my life a quarter mile at a time, nothing else matters, for those ten seconds or less, I'm free" and "You break her heart, I break your neck."

If you are into this scene and have a genuine interest in things automotive, you're also going to find much humor in this film. Two characters make a big deal over an easily available engine for a Toyota Supra. The usage of laptops in cars and nitrous in these cars is funny too. I have never heard of nitrous referred to as "nawws!" only by the letters themselves (NOS) or simply nitrous. It’s very entertaining how the filmmakers portray this scene. It’s like Spielberg doing a movie on raves or something. Don’t trust this film to be true-to-life, but a film’s interpretation of it.

The things this film does with cars is just over the top. The scene in the trailer that got me into the film was of a lowered Honda Civic driving under a truck trailer.

If you have manufacturer stickers on your car, but not performance parts from that manufacturer, you're going to be just as entertained as someone who runs in autocrosses. If you've ever been out to the street races where people drive in packs (rice bikes and American muscle cars and Japanese imports) you're going to enjoy this film.

Oh yeah, hip-hop artist Ja Rule makes an appearance as one of the drivers. He has a rather funny scene.

Be on the lookout for the sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious, in Summer 2003.

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