A cell phone by Nokia for cellular communications. The Nokia 8290 is the elite brother of the Nokia 8260.
    some of the differences
  • The Nokia 8260 is only 4.1" tall and 1.8" wide but the the Nokia 8290 is even smaller at being only 3.9" tall and 1.7" wide! For our metric friends, the Nokia 8290 is 99mm tall and 43mm wide.
  • The Nokia 8260 weighs a heavy 3.4oz with battery while the Nokia 8290 only weighs 2.8oz (79 grams)with battery.
  • The Nokia 8260 is only available in three colors. The Nokia 8290 has changeable covers, including ones with a sliding face like in The Matrix!
  • The battery on the Nokia 8290 can vibrate.
  • The Nokia 8290 has an IR port to talk to PCs, PDAs and other phones.
  • The Nokia 8260 is able to talk to the CSP (cellular service provider) via TDMA 800 & TDMA 1900 and AMPS 800 carriers. This means it can be on digital and analog networks. The Nokia 8290 connects to the CSP via the GSM 1900 standard.

Me and some of my friends have problems with our Nokia 8290 phones. None of us has been able to make them communicate via the IR port with a laptop. Almost all of us have faulty LCD displays. I had my unit replaced by my provider (VoiceStream) once. A friend has his replaced three times.

I very rarely play the Nokia Snake game nor do I waste my time Playing the Nokia rotation game. I really like this phone a lot, except I wish the battery lasted longer and the LCD screen wouldn't flake out on me. This was the first cell phone I purchased. I wanted them to get ridiculously small. This is actually my only phone. I do not have a home phone.