I woke up with my girlfriend and drove to work. I didn't drive from my apartment because we were staying in the next county over (Pinellas County in Florida) and driving to where I work (Hillsborough County) via the Howard Franklin Bridge. It was pouring rain and I had to negotiate traffic that a was coming towards me. It was like both sides of the bridge were coming back towards Pinellas County! I turn around to start heading back to Pinellas County like everyone else and start to call my girlfriend on my Nokia 8290 but I call my friend Dave to hopefully get some info on what is going on. I get some wierd error message in Newspeak on my cell phone saying the connection can not be dialed. For some reason I stop my car and ask someone running towards me what is going on. She says "It's a bomb!" and points to where we were driving/running towards. I turn around again and see two towers of light just like I saw at the Tribute in Light in New York City in March which are then enveloped into a mushroom cloud. I remember saying "Damn terrorists" and giving the growing mushroom cloud the finger and I run the other way. I think I got vaporized and woke up safe and sound next to my girlfriend.