is an internet entity unto itself, and may one day revolutionize the face of the conventional search engine.

How it works:
  1. Create a user account.
  2. Download the cool StumbleUpon toolbar.
  3. Customize your account profile
    (the more you add, the better!)
    • Demographics
    • Favorite books, music, movies, tv
    • Preferred Stumbling categories
      (many from which to choose!)
  4. Join special interest StumbleUpon groups.
    (optional, but suggested)
  5. Start adding/rating/writing site reviews.

No, this is not just another form of spyware in any way or shape! No, you will not be deluged with a ton of spam, at least not any more than you're currently recieving. ;oD

Yes, it's heaps-o-fun! Yes, it can become quite addicting. Yes, StumbleUpon reviews are already making a significant impact in helping get great sites that otherwise get lost in the traditional search engine fray the attention they deserve.

Help make the internet uniquely yours one click at a time!
Edit: Sunday, June 5, 2005... Wanted to wait until I had more experience with its operation before adding more to this WU. Expect enhanced info very soon, thanks!