I haven't done a daylog in a while, but feel compelled to add one now. I'm not one for doing much bitching, but some people make it hard for me not to. The latest moron: my community's new manager. This woman has been hounding me for nearly a month to paint my home. Sure, the place will never be featured in Better Homes & Gardens, but there are properties here in obvious gross violation of community safety codes. Why pick on me?

My husband and I have politely asked for a brief grace period in which to satisfy her demands. This was a financially challenging summer for our family. We're still trying to catch up from the expenses of replacing the water heater, air conditioner and car repairs. Plus, we still need a few important items for our soon-to-be-born second child. Instead of cooperation, we were threatened with eviction if our home wasn't painted and the roof re-sealed by the end of this month. WTF?!? Then Bitchie-poo tried to extort a down payment of $150 towards her outrageous $500 estimate of what the community's maintence crew would charge for re-sealing and painting our tiny abode.

I wanted to punch the bitch's capped teeth down her miserable throat!

Who the hell does she think she is?!? Anyway... At least hubster and I have enough money to slap some fresh paint on this place. It will be done later today, weather permitting. And Bitchie-poo's claim about our roof is far from urgent. At least the park owner will be in on Monday. We'll settle our grievances about this shrew with him, believe it!