fair warning: bitch alert! If you choose to read this, at least spare the -vote. Noone is forcing you to look at this...
4 weeks left of this pregnancy. God, it's taking its toll. I'm not online much lately, but when I am I stay as long as I can. This escapist behavior helps me to distance my head from my physical aches and pains. And speaking of distance... For as infrequently as I see my feet anymore, I suspect they're in another zip code now.

I had to go to the hospital on Thursday because I've been having bad projectile vomiting, chronic heartburn with acid reflux and major dizziness. I haven't been able to peacefully eat or sleep for several weeks and it got to the point where I was scared that my deteriorating physical health might harm the baby. I was taken straight up to maternity instead of the emergency room. The staff immediately strapped fetal monitors to my belly and ran an IV line into my left hand. The baby was fine, but I was seriously dehydrated. I was pumped full of two liters of electrolyte solution. Plus, I was told that I had some sort of infection. Oh joy! Now I take enough meds to choke... well... at least a chihuahua.

Well, I'm on the mend, but I'll be happy when this baby finally comes out. Right now, though, I'll just have to bide my time. Just keep me stocked with plenty of ice cream, ginger ale and PlayStation games and keep telling me it's all good!
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