Rude awakening:


The preggo flails frantically, trying to fight the laws of gravity and advanced pregnancy which seek to keep her horizontal in bed...


Waddling towards the door, wiping sleep from bleary eyes... "Hang on a @#$%ing minute!"

Outside my back steps stands a large, muscular, clean-cut looking older man. Huh? I crane my neck out the back door, trying to keep my protruding belly from knocking me totally off balance. Hmmm... an unmarked Sherriff's Office vehicle at the end of my driveway... Corky tries to bolt out past me. Glad I already put his leash on him.

"Sorry about the wait, sir," I mumble. "I don't move too fast these days."

"Good morning. Are you Christina ******?" I nodded. "And is Patrick ****** your husband?" My head bobbed affirmatively once more as I cleared my throat. The man handed me two sheets of paper. "This is about your neighbor, George ***********. You two are supposed to appear as witnesses for the prosecution in the case against him."

"Sir, I called the State Attorney's office the other day because our testimony was going to be taken by phone -" I began.

"Well, ma'am, according to this subpoena you're both going to have to appear in court. You could try calling the State Attorney's office again, but either way you two have to testify." He left without further discussion. Swell.

I looked at the dates listed on the sheets. The case is slated - not yet assigned a docket date - to happen sometime between November 13th and December 11th. Friggin' splendid. This baby is due around December 11th and I'm going to have several obstetrics appointments between now and then. Besides, there's still my other son's needs to consider, plus tons of pre-newborn preparations still to be made.

All this hassle is because several of us saw that fucking idiot crackhead neighbor punch the cop who was arresting him. Grrrrr!!!
Happy Samhain and Blessed Be to all my Pagan Brothers and Sisters!!!