Seems like my life lately has consisted of 2 main themes: 1) Hurry up and wait, and 2) Back to the old drawing board. Having to rely on perseverance, patience and faith gets pretty old after a while.

Then there's my neighbor's son, Cliff. He's owed us some money for several months and said it would be repaid by yesterday. Of course the deadbeat idiot made another excuse... he had to buy food. This is the same alleged friend who gave his word that we'd get our due - no problem - because he'd racked up so much overtime at work. Funny, I had to wrap pennies last night to by my sick toddler some Pedialyte (all our money had already been spent on paying our bills, thank you!) whereas that f***ing *CENSORED* went out and got drunk. Bought food - my ass!!!

Damn, I need a good laugh before I go ballistic... HELP!!!