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Munchkin had an occupational therapy evaluation today. He did pretty well, all things considered. It's not easy raising a child who has Benign Congenital Hypotonia. There seems to be no definitive pattern to this disorder, and determining its specific cause(s) can be equally mysterious. This makes overall effective treatment quite a challenge.

My son is presently 25.5 months old and mentally slightly above average for his age group in many aspects. But I sense that he is becoming aware that the delays in his physical development are hindering his mastery of common activities.

His fine motor skills are fairly good. He can undo the peskiest double-knotted shoelaces, (one of his nicknames is "Shoe-dini") and other things that require a significant degree of manual dexterity. But his gross motor skills tend to render his fine motor skills nearly useless at times.

I watch him trying to do normal toddler stuff like putting differently shaped objects into their proper holes. He knows where they go and can get them to the right place, but his uncooperative arm muscles don't have enough strength and coordination to complete their part of this task with ease. He gets so frustrated and it breaks my heart.