Sometimes people do things that are so kind and generous that it utterly astounds me. Today my best friend, Chris bought my family a car.

Last week we found out that our current ride, a 1987 Grand Marquis, costs more to repair than it's worth. The old "HMS Behemoth" leaks oil and transmission fluid badly, the water pump is toast, the brakes are terrifyingly bad, there's nothing in the way of an exhaust system from the catalytic converter back to the rusted-out muffler - and hot exhaust spews directly onto the gas tank, the frame is dangerously unstable and more.

The replacement vehicle isn't pretty, but I'll gladly sacrifice looks for safety and reliability. This one is a 1984 Lincoln Town Car that has, mechanically, been decently maintained. Chris had one condition: since he bought it he got to name it. Fair enough.

All hail the "USS War Pig"!!!

The HMS Behemoth was a great car for many years and it's tough to let her go. There is something to be said for sentimental value. Heck, my husband and I spent our first six months together living in that car when we were homeless. I honestly believe that if more couples even considering long-term relationships had to go through such challenges there would be stronger marriages/unions and far fewer divorces.