Good grief!!! It's been 2 weeks since I've entered a day log. Mercury has been in retrograde during this time and life in general has been strange. Coincidence? Who knows!

Pregnancy countdown: 19 weeks passed, 21 left to go!
The baby started kicking almost two weeks ago. I'd forgotten what an odd sensation it is. This little person is only about 7 or 8" long and has itsy-bitsy feet, but he/she can already pack a wallop! This kicking is really going to be more and more fun over the next four months.
*~*~*fond rememberances of carrying my first child*~*~*
The first ultrasound was done Thursday. So far everything seems just great. I got to see the heart beating, a brief glipse of the face, and teeny fingers and toes... Too cool! The baby even mooned us while doing a somersault. Doc said that he only got a quick flash, but he thought he may have spotted the gender. Possibly another boy. Son or daughter, I don't care as long as this baby is healthy.

As far as rotten stuff... I'd rather not dwell on it. I just need to accept that nothing lasts forever, not even my beloved, rusty old '87 Grand Marquis. I'm just grateful that I've got enough money for a downpayment on something else.