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November 1, 2000


  • 10/31/00 majicthise's -8 linkless, lame writeup for Offspring...

    "the band of the next Millenium"

    Thanks for sharing...

  • 10/31/00 burnboy's -7 writeup for hacker

    "Someone who coughs a lot ....




    Ok, i thought it was funny...."

    Sorry, sweetie... they weren't buying it!

  • 11/01/00 mcSey's -7 one-word writeup for why do you do drugs?...


    A legitimate reason, but... Sorry, hon. It had to be done.

November 4, 2000


November 21, 2000

Ahhh, the nodegel feels sooo good to this achy, cranky preggo. Only 3 weeks left to go. Anyway...!


  • 11/20/00 monkey_boy's -6 writeup for cloud...

    "A sheep with no legs and no head, floating about in the sky. Sometimes, it pisses on us. So it has a bottom. OK. No. Sssssss. HHHHHHpthth."

    Here's your brain... Here's your brain on drugs. Any questions?

  • 11/20/00 alvin's -6 writeup for the worst feeling in the world...

    "IMHO, the 'absence' of gravity on a rollercoaster or aeroplane is the worst experience in the world - very stomach churning."

    Sorry, alvin. Churning stomach aside, there are much worse feelings in the world.

  • 11/20/00 meanny's -7 writeup for What We Think We Know Can Kill Us

    Irrelevant content, period. Open nodeshell, if anyone's interested. User /msg'ed.