The childbirth countdown is really in gear now. My due date is this Monday, but he could come at any time... and he's been letting me know it, too! At least these non-labor contractions are a bit of a refresher course. Time tends to dull some memories of pain.

I have so many people to thank for all their help lately. My sister has been an absolute blessing as she and my awesome hubster have worked so hard getting the house ready for our new arrival. And my folks have been a wonderful support team as well. Then, there's my friend Chris, who has the gift of being able to make me laugh even when I feel really rotten...

The list doesn't stop there, either. An anonymous family at Munchkin #1's therapy center has adopted us this holiday season and has already given us a wonderful, much needed gift of a brand new infant car seat/stroller combo. Plus, there's some special folks here on E2 who have been fantastic over the past several months (you know who you are! {{{hugs}}}). I'm brimming with gratitude!

I finally finished Colin's blanket today. It's hand crocheted from an old family pattern. All the newborns in hubby's family have gotten this traditional wrap for generations. Not much else to do right now except hang in until delivery. But I can't wait! I want to see this little cutie NOW!!!