When will this be over?!?

My due date has come and gone... still no newborn! What in the world is he waiting for? Family and friends have been on standby all week. Even our dog seems to be wondering when this baby is going to finally arrive. I'm trying to stay calm and well-rested, but I'm just so filled with anticipation that I feel like I'm going to burst if I have to wait much longer. I've been visited with sporadic contractions, but nothing much more. I've tried various ways to encourage the onset of labor like walking more, warm baths and such. Nada! Sure, he's only a few days late, but I want this baby NOW!

Various tribes have rites for evoking scenarios for successful hunts, harvests, bringing rain, etc. Is there one for childbirth? Maybe I need to resort to bribery... /me dangles a slice of cheesecake somewhere... **LOL**
/me misses sensei!!!