Kiwiana is a term used to define New Zealand popular culture. It is made up of various indigenous and imported aspects that as a whole, say something about New Zealanders, and play a part in their national identity.

The phrase has only recently gathered popularity. It is also defined as "any of many 'collectibles', items redolent of New Zealand life and culture." Oxford Dictionary of New Zealand English, 1997, Harry Orsman

Kiwiana is often associated with nostalgia, and as a result, some companies have taken it up as part of their advertising. Items such as Buzzy Bee, Hokey Pokey ice cream, jandals, Anzac biscuits, No.8 wire, kiwi, pavlova, Swanndris and the L&P bottle etc, have also appeared on stamps, and are recognised as some of the top New Zealand cultural icons, regardless of their original origin.

As Stephen Jay Gould said (in writing about the English origins of baseball) "historical origin need not match contemporary function."