A long (10:27), crazily brilliant song by Mr. Bungle from their 1995 album Disco Volante. This song has an extremely odd feeling, and more than one suprise. Most of the song's resonance sounds underwater, with the thick bass you hear when you hold your head underwater. The instruments in it sound great, especially the bass and keyboards - and the clean picked guitar about 3/4 way through. The different parts of the song (Almost like movements in classical symphonies) are mainly signified by the song fading out and then back in again quickly.

These parts are: There are hardly any actual lyrics in this song, apart from Mike Patton using his voice as a musical accompaniment - In The Drowning Flute (second "movement"), for example. You can hear him lightly saying "The Bends" in one of the movements, however, that's about it for lyrics.

Music by: Mike Patton/Trey Spruance/Clinton McKinnon