Elimination is a game played on bicycles, usually mountain bikes, in a set area, usually about 50 by 50 feet. The object of the game is to force the other cyclists to dab (put their foot down to balance themselves/stop them from crashing) as you slowly ride around in the marked-off area.

The specific rules will vary from area to area, of course. Kicking, or no kicking. Being able to grab onto other bikers/objects for balance, or not being able to. Swearing, or not. All of these things can greatly change the Elimination game-playing atmosphere. The feel can range from a simple child's game of touch-and-go, to an all-out demolition derby bloodbath.

Elimination is a great game to use to teach a beginner group of mountain bikers some useful skills, such as trackstanding and slow-motion balance. As always, wearing a helmet is recommended.