Agreed. I wouldn't go so far as to say that we should give up everything and become hermits living wildly in the woods. I myself am way too involved with technology and what not to do so.

The point of "the path to freedom" is to say that we can maintain our own freedom to whatever level we choose. I personally find it very gratifying to be able to do things myself. I try to find a balance between "going backwards" and "going forwards", between the old ways of doing things, like growing my own food or walking in town, and the new way, like using computers and flying in jet-planes. But, the goal is balance.

I think many people in the world today ask questions like "shouldn't I be happy?" They are unsatisfied and don't know why. And, I think part of the problem is a too tight restriction imposed by society. Being self-sufficient is more natural in the evolutionary sense. It is how we developed.

Now, I by no means suggest droping society as a whole. This white boy for one would not survive. But, I like knowing that if I work at it, I could survive. And, I'm going to try, because that freedom makes me happy.

Maybe, the real point is: do what you want. I assume we can agree on that.