I'm not even going to try to stay on topic this time (see:last time) : lillianvalencia wins every feasible type of cookie I could give her. And, I swear by the moon up above if a girl were to ever do this to me, she would win an amazing place in my heart.

So, do you think I like forward women?

There's is just nothing more I can say -- women who do exactly what they want, who act readily on those impulses that we all feel are quite simply the sexiest things on the planet.

I myself have trouble doing these things. Basically, it's treading dangerous water. You think, "but, what if they don't want me to?" or "maybe I'll look foolish" and it's stressful. No one likes to look dumb.

That's what "The Game" is all about. Trying to know what the other person thinks without letting them know what you think. Logically impossible.

So, ladies and gentlemen (gentlemen, this lesson is just as important for you), when there's a someone out there who has the guts to make such a move, don't laugh at such daring, at such bravery; realize that you've found yourself an amazing sexual partner and be thankful.