When I read these terms, I can only think of one thing: "Poophead". Poophead, that quintessential childhood insult. All insults, all name calling is nothing more than calling someone a poop-head.

Think about it. Why do people call other people any name? It's because they are angry or hurt or they just don't like the other person. And, in the absence of a logical argument or anything else intelligent to say for that matter, they resort to name calling.

The goal: to hurt.

Nothing else. It's meant as an insult, as an injury. It's an attempt to hurt another individual and as such I see no place for it anywhere, including E2.

Before the p.c. discussion comes up, I just want to say: nope. There's a difference: P.C. says that I shouldn't say a word because it's a word. I say you shouldn't name call because of the intention. That's what's important. If you say the word "stupid" as in, "that's a stupid idea" Eh, no biggie. Saying "you're stupid", on the other hand, is meant to hurt. Just like "you're a idiot", "you're a wussy", or "you're a commie". It's ad hominem and has no logical value.

If a member of this community were to take a swing at me, I would call the Bouncer. Whether it hurt me or not, I would consider the attempt as an attack (battery to be exact). Well, guess what, name calling is exactly the same. It's a verbal attack and, as such, has no place here.

It creates tension, hatred, and in general bad vibes. And I personally will vote against all name calling just as I would step in to prevent a fight.

Now, let see who's a poophead.