"Kunsthaus Tacheles" - Art House Tacheles

Complex on Oranienburger Str. (54-56a) Berlin, Germany which in former times has been used as train station and depot for the Third Reich. Toward the end of the second World War, the building was bombed. Left for worthless, squatters (in German "Besetzer") moved in and created an art commune under the noses of the East German police.

Today, Tacheles houses one of the few remaining radical cafes which sprang up after the fall of the Wall - Cafe Zapatista. CZ along with various art galleries, theaters and concert halls, make up the bulk of the half-destroyed building. The whole thing is independently run and for all effects and purposes is completely unowned.

A very big must-see for anyone visiting Berlin -- even if just for the graffiti.
Motto: "Die Ideale sind ruiniert; rettet die Ruine" (The ideals are ruined; save the ruins)
Oranienburgerstr. 54-56a 10117 Berlin Mitte Tel. +49 30 282 61 85