No, listen, I'm serious. I worry about this every morning.

Just look at Muhammad Ali. He's taken so many punches in his life, that it's jiggled his brain just a little too much. He slurs his speech; he can barely walk.

Ok, I'm not taking any punches or anything, but he only fought, what, once a month or so. Let's say once a week with practice (but then he was probably wearing padding) and that was only what 10, 20 years. But, every day I get out of the shower and shake my hair! (That way I don't have to towel dry)

The problem is: am I destroying my brain in the process? What's going on up there as I jiggle around my gray matter? Am I losing irreplaceable neurons?

Even worse, would I notice?!!

I didn't know about Ali's Parkinson's. Then, we could just take an even better example: Mike Tyson