German for "Squatters"; people who illegally live (whatever that means) in a place of residence/any other place which doesn't belong to them. Symbol: (imagine a circle with an N through it with the top of the "N" ending in an arrow which goes up and out of the circle)

More than would ever be possible in the United States (but possibly less than in England -- let's face it: the police don't even carry guns!), in Germany there is a trend, tradition, what have you of squatting. The idea is that buildings, houses, industrial plants, etc. that are out of use should be put in to use for the common good. The Besetzer sometimes negotiate with the city/state in order to legally use the location (this was very common after the fall of the wall). Other times they simply move in and live (and defend) a building until forced to move.

If anything, it's an interesting life. And a good way to learn a totally different side of life (see Berlin).