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Hoohoo... I'm crazy. I'm also Freddy. I'm "out there." I'm "intense," and I've got a "warm, fuzzy center." I play guitar, and I have a self-esteem eraser. It has nice things about me on it, and I read them when I feel bad. I love music of all kinds... seriously. Dashboard Confessional, The Roots, The Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, and even Steely Dan. I love people, unless they're assholes... but that's anybody's thing. I write poetry... constantly. It's all in this notebook I have. I have no problem calling the notebook a diary, I just don't 'cause I write a lot more than the events of my day. It's way above the average diary. Everything in there is black ink. Blue ink is too bright. Black ink is just right on the eyes. I was completely infatuated with my ex-girlfriend. Now we have a strange friendship of sorts. I make conversation all the time hoping to somehow dive deep past her surface and see her for who she really is. We haven't gone out in about 3 months or so, and still, that's all I really want from her... but I digress. I would always come to this website and read all the nodes about "the girl you want to be your girlfriend." It was so... nice.(Loss for words) I have a few friends and plenty of associates. Just another average know-it-all teenage internet user who has two much time on his/her hands. I have ADD. I like the idea of being in control... I only like the idea, 'cause I've never controlled anything really. I gotta change that... but anyway, I'm a big fan of life, music, poetry, muenster cheese, basketball, TV, girls, ramen, cartoons, me, and things that are funny. Okay, I think I'm done here... I feel as though I have so much more to say, but I don't know what it is, so fuck it.