Probably the worst thing I have done is steal my best friend's girlfriend. And I don't feel too bad about it. My relationship with Connie was the best I ever had.

I met her in a chatroom on AOL, and we got to instant messaging and calling each other all the time when we realized we lived in the same town. We met face to face when she started her freshman year at my high school. I must say that on that moment when I first saw her, and put together the person I had been talking to for months and her in reality, I fell in love. That's not to say i fell in love at first sight, because of our being friends despite having never met before then. We would skip class to go smoke and drink with our mutual friends. And eventually, she started going out with George.

And here is where the trouble comes in. He wasn't happy because she wasn't affectionate. He would come to me for advice, although he didn't know how close she and I were, and that she told me all about the problems with the relationship, or rather, exactly what she wanted from him. But I never told him, and I deliberately gave him bad advice. In addition, I told her that he wasn't worth her time, and that she should break up with him. I also wrote her a poem, which told her that I loved her, and that she was beautiful. They broke up, and a less than a week later we were going out.

We were together for nearly two years. But when I went away to college, she started cheating on me. She says she thought I was cheating on her, because I didn't talk to her as much as I used to, and that I never came home on the weekends, just to see her. I didn't find out that she was cheating until I came home for Thanksgiving break early. I went over to her house and found her with some other guy. Needless to say, I broke up with her. However, I miss her still, and haven't had a real relationship since.