I made a liquor run last night. Something funny to ponder, I am the youngest in my group of friends, however I am the only one able to purchase alcohol. One of the benefits of having a beard.

I made a liquor delivery today. To the girl I am currently infatuated with, because I won't call it love. The only thing she will drink is Manischewitz blackberry wine. I handed her my bookbag, She gazed in, and shined the biggest smile I have ever seen.


I spent over an hour in lab playing with wave generators and oscilloscopes, which I will do for another hour tomorrow.

While walking to my physics of sound lab, I realized just how much I miss my guitar. I used to be able to just grab it and play for hours, not listening to anything but me. The world became empty except for me and my guitar, and we would dance and sing, and we completely understood each other. I wouldn't want to stop. If the police stopped by, I would put on headphones and keep playing. And I miss my guitar.