I am in Alan's room, for some reason neither Alan nor Dan, his roommate, are there. I am on alan's computer, which is a curious blend of windows PC and SparcStation. I am conversing with Nailbunny over AIM, but am having trouble reading what she types due to her horrible choice of colors. In addition, she is saying the strangest things. I tire of this and shutdown the computer. I start walking down the hall, toward nailbunny's room, but my path is blocked. It seems as though a girl whom I was infatuated with has decided to move into her ex-boyfriend's room, and has all of her things in the hallway. I climb over her things, still on my path to Nailbunny's room. I pass the elveators, Oscar is standing there. Oscar lived across the street from me when I was just a little boy. I pass by him without a second glance, and continue to Nailbunny's. Finally, I reach my destination. I walk through the open doorway, and Nailbunny and her roommate are sitting there. Her roommate says "Stop coming by our room."

I woke up.. I woke up from the first bad dream I had about Nailbunny's roommmate..