Boredom is the theme here. I've finished classes for the winter term, and I start my last two classes on May 12. Then I graduate. In the meantime, I've been halfheartedly looking for a part time job. Trouble is, my schedule's going to be so blocked I'll have trouble getting any kind job that has normal hours. I just know I'm not going back to cooking. That industry is foul. So, I'm sitting here in my room, alternating between reading The Silmarillion, the Trustkill Records Message Board, and Everything 2. A lot of my friends from first year are gone now, and I don't see people all that much.

I'm considering becoming a full blown shut-in.

I mean, why not? I can get all the sun I need by opening my windows. Then I can lie around and listen to The Weakerthans and the Descendents until I go out of my mind from being absolutely inert. Full. Stop. I gave my pets back to my ex-girlfriend. Now my apartment has only one living thing in it: me. It's kind of alienating at times. Writing stuff keeps me busy, but I'm getting kind of bored of the 547 songs on my mp3 player and the couple of hundred albums I own (or have pirated). I'm still waiting on a reply from Concordia University about my grad school application. Those fools are as slow as cold molasses. My hands are as cold as slow molasses, and I don't know why. It's not really cold outside, or in here for that matter.

Speech is audible only very near its subject, near what it is held to express directly. Writing, at much greater distances. The former speaks and has done, the latter keeps worrying what else should be added. The former encloses and discloses what it has seized, the latter encourages the statement to go beyond itself, only later to circle its vertiginous unfolding.
-Edmond Jabès, The Book of Shares

I've been reading Jabès a fair bit lately, thanks to cabin fever's recommendation. I've been thinking about that passage, about writing, and e2. I think that e2 is founded this idea of writing; I guess that's why I like it. Every word opens up into a whole galaxy, and it's all ultimately the same book. I'd like to do a full writeup about it, but that'll take a bit of work, and I'm feeling lazy these days. We'll see when that changes.

Man, if I hear one more person say that Canibus is the best rapper ever...