I haven't noded in a while. Being an unrepentant homework-noder, summer doesn't do all that much for me. I'm more of a seasonal kind of guy. I love my work, and I work from home. It's not just for the marks. I'm finally in the mood to write something, though - if only to flex my atrophied fingers a little bit. The most exercise they've gotten in the last couple of weeks is from the TV remote!

Honestly, though, I'm pretty tired after spending the last two years in school without a semester off, so I may perhaps be excused for getting lazy. Actually, I'm just telling myself that, because I'm the only who notices. I'm starting school again soon, although it'll now be at a different locale. I've been accepted into Concordia University in Montreal to do my M.A. in Philosophy. Man, never mind that, I'm going to Montreal! I haven't been this psyched since I decided I was going to move there. Well, I am actually excited to try my hand as a T.A. (even if I will be an academic dogsbody), almost as much as I'm excited to take the Master's classes. I'm leaving Halifax on Monday for Montreal to find an apartment. Their system up there is a bit different; they have a number code which signifies what sort of apartment you're looking at. a "1.5" is a bachelor apartment ( I think), and a "2.5" is a one bedroom. ".5" is a bathroom, and everything before the decimal signifies a bedroom/livingroom. It's kind of weird, because some of the codes mean two different things sometimes. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it out - I'm not going to let myself accidentally move into a five bedroom place or something else ridiculous like that. I may purchase cheap swampland if you catch me at the right time, though.

It feels good to write a little bit again. My meagre HTML skills have gone to pot, though! It's time to get back on the horse. If I write anything else about Michel Foucault, I may develop a gag reflex to his name. I guess it's time to become a best-selling novelist.

R.I.P. Barry White.