sleep deprivation breeds unorthodox thought patterns that might be productive were they not so incoherent. Someone just offered to take over my shift so I can go to bed, and I said "no, thank you"- what the hell is up with that? I must be totally out to lunch today.

I am a security guard one day a week at my university. What really sucks is that there's a kind of clique of campus cops who are really into what they do, for some lame reason.
I mean, it's not like that's their career; they're students with a part time job! Fuck, the "chief" hands out our paycheques rocking an RCMP baseball hat; one of his toadies calls the campus cops "strike force kings" and he acts all militaristic when he has to deal with people on the job. They're into it so much.

I'm so glad this is only one day a week.

on a bright note, I played a show last night (see sleep deprivationabove), and it went pretty well. For any Haligonians that might be reading this or may have even been there, it was in Hell's Kitchen at the Marquee Club. It went off pretty well, and aside from having a good time, I'm probably going to get paid to boot! Not a bad situation, if you ask me.

The faculty strike is probably going to start next wednesday...this should be interesting