I just smashed my head off a corner in my overly angle-filled bedroom while trying to make up my bed. It was right on the back of my head, down in the lower right part of my skull. I have a pretty queasy feeling right now ... hopefully, this isn't a concussion. On the bright side, if it is a concussion, I can enjoy feeling endorphins flood my brain and get me high as a kitemake me feel quite a bit better!.

This September past, I was walking down Spring Garden Road in Halifax (where I live- duh), and a tree limb cracked off, hitting me full on in the head, making me bleed like crazy and giving me a concussion - I must have had semi/quasi temporary amnesia, because I simply cannot remember talking to some of the people that I talked to between that time and the next day.

The strangest things happen when you


expect them.

My parents just got into town for a few hours on a stopover flight, so I'll be going out for a real meal ... how's that for a change?

My bed is still unmade; I'd forgotten about it while I was writing this.

no endorphins yet...