I should be in class

Aside from being a student, I am also a campus cop. Every Sunday (and whenever else I get an extra shift), I work from 8 o'clock AM until 4 o'clock PM, doing rounds at my small campus, making sure that no one is smoking pot and opening doors for people who have locked themselves out of their rooms.

Pretty mundane, right?


But this Sunday past, a pervert psycho maniac managed to infilitrate the girls' residence through a basement door that had a malfunctioning/shut off alarm. He made his way up the fire escape stairwell, got into the 2nd floor hallway, and started checking doors - opening the ones that were unlocked, of course.

A girl I know was in her room alone, when she turned around to find him in her room with her.

I was called over, and managed to run into him on the 3rd Floor. He was sweating profusely and acting like a jittery crackhead. I asked him what he was doing, and he bolted down the stairs and out the front door.
After that, he showed up in dining hall, some of the guys' residences and even a don's suite - asking again and again for the location of the girls' dormitory ... after he'd already been in there, of course.

Fucking Sicko

He didn't look or dress like a "normal pervert" - he was very well dressed in expensive clothes, was clean cut, shaven and generally well groomed.

After seeing a notice up at the front desk of the girls' res, a pizza delivery guy told the front desk worker that this character has been seen down around St.Mary's University as well as up here at the University of King's College.

I talked to the cops and they told me to call them ASAP if he showed up again (well, no duh) ... I hope he doesn't come back, that was a bit too creepy for me. He had that look in his eye like he could've hauled out a knife and shanked me just as easily as he could've run like he did.

Trust no one.

Today I am immersing myself in the oeuvres of the following musicians:

P.S.>>I also took out a book by Slavoj Zizek (sorry, no idea how to type those accents) on Schelling - the front cover is a picture of a dead octopus lying on a yellow sheet. I find this repulsive yet intriguing.