Exotic and ethnic rugs have long been among the most highly valued and decorative types of soft flooring in the home, nothing can compare! Intricately patterned, and often richly coloured, ethnic textiles such as dhurries and Native American blankets are becoming increasingly popular since they can be matched with the decor that is already in use within the room. A rug can add luxury and interest into what has previously seen as a somewhat plain room. Rugs can also make excellent wall-hangings; wall-mounting presents an ideal opportunity to display rugs that are either too delicate to use on the floor, or simply look best when viewed at eye level.

Choosing a rug can be a formidable task, since there are such a large variety of styles available on the market. The merit and value vary according to the number of factors that are present within the rug, including the fibre content, the intricacy of the design, and the rug's age, but the choice should ultimately depends on your personal taste and the style of the room where the rug is to be placed. Old and fragile rugs can be very expensive and difficult to maintain, but there are many well-made modern reproductions available.