It has been half term this week and I just thought I’d talk to you about how sixth form is going. Sixth form is nothing how I imagined it would be, I thought it would make me feel more tied down but it is the complete opposite. Teachers are far slacker about work than they ever were previously, which I find really great. I have an idea that the reason for the slackness is because there is a hell of a lot more work to do this year than there ever was last year! It doesn’t really matter though, for once in my life I’m doing something that I actually love to pieces. It’s hard to describe what it really feels like but I hope the rest of my life will be like this, where I actually love everything I do. Perhaps I am lucky, I mean some people never like anything they do for a job or as part of their education. Yeah, I guess I am pretty lucky.

Just a little over a month ago I decided that I needed to do something about my weight. It has worried me a lot more since I became a diabetic just before Easter and now I’ve finally plucked up the courage to act on that worry. After a lot of agonising I joined slimming world, which I attend with my supporting Mother, who feels I need the moral support. She was right, I really do need the support because I probably have a long way to go before I’m anywhere near the healthy size I should be. It’s going well though, better than I ever expected. Normally I start a diet and then stop doing it after a couple of weeks but not this time, I’m sticking this one out! I’m hoping that the next time I get weighed I will have hit the first stone, which I will have lost. That is the first hurdle to step over and I am sure there will be plenty more that I will have to concur. I’m ready for it though and I’m fighting for what I want, for the first time in my life!

If I ever even thought that I would loose my friends by going to a different college I was probably quite wrong. I saw them all quite a lot last weekend and it wasn’t any different than it was when we were at school together. Things have been strained in the past between us but we sorted a lot of things out and this weekend, when I saw them, we were all totally at ease with each other and I enjoyed it so much. The thing that scares me the most is that I might not always be friends with them and I can’t imagine that at all. I know that we all grow up and move on but I just hope that we don’t move on too quickly. Life is for living and I hope we love our lives as friends together for a very long time.