I’ve been here two years now, well two years next week but it’s all the same really. Since joining I have learnt a lot from you all because without you lot I would be nothing, I’d still be the scared fourteen year old I was two years ago. When I joined, at the tender age of fourteen, I was pretty blank about noding and it took me awhile to write something that didn’t get deleted and to look at was actually worth something. Being fourteen can be quite tough when I think about it, I was hard on myself back then because I thought that my writing was awful but I realise that it wasn’t awful it just didn’t mean very much. Back when I joined it was all about reaching the next level because that would actually be a great achievement; I was totally wrong about that though because an achievement was being accepted and people telling me that my writing was actually worth something. I started off my noding with many daylogs, which I have now deleted, complaining about my latest crush or the fact that I wanted some new item of clothing. Things change though, don’t they? I’ve noticed something about myself, which I’ve never really seen before; I noticed that nothing else really matters but being happy because other people aren’t really worth it.

When joining e2 you need to be prepared to be criticised and told what you should, and quite blatantly, shouldn’t be doing. It isn’t cute if you can’t spell properly and it certainly isn’t cute if you use yourself as a topic for a non-daylog node. I’m telling you the truth here, I’ve been there and I’ve certainly done it. You should node what you know and maybe node what you don’t know because it is all part of the experience and I’m telling you know, it makes you a better person. Writing has become my life, joining e2 made me realise what I want to do with the rest of my life and succeeding is the most important thing for me to do. I’d have never have wanted to succeed as much as I do right now if I hadn’t kept at e2, building up my writing skills day by day. Thanks e2, you’re the best.