I made a wrong judgement the other day. I jumped into something before I thought about it and I shouldn’t have done, I suppose I was just upset. Maybe I should have trusted him not to want to upset me but at the time I was scared and upset.

And, after he read my last diary entry he started talking to me. That meant a lot. It made me realise that I need to trust people to much more.. I know that at the moment I trust very little people and I wish that was different but it isn’t.

I know that when I talked to you I was stressed out and a little mad with you. I really didn’t know what to say to you about it. I think you must have known that and you didn’t say much, you let me talk. I never really handle stuff like this very well, I generally get upset and not really talk much sense.

So, I sorted stuff out and I’m coping with stuff better. People who I don’t care about don’t matter. They can say whatever they want because I don’t care, they aren’t worth it. I would be upset if someone I cared about insulted me, but they haven’t and it is all good.

I just want to say sorry. I was out of line.